I Just Love Salug Veranda (a.k.a Lumpiga Bar)

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    I Just Love Salug Veranda (a.k.a Lumpiga Bar)

    By Kathrine Yee B. Sibonga

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    It all started when we were dismissed too early from class. I was in second year college when I first entered Salug Veranda. Back then, it was still named Lumpiga Bar. With seven of my friends, we were able to order enough food for the night and stayed there until 10:00 pm. That was nine years ago and I still love the place. The environment of the bar really made us comfortable- the food was tasty, the drinks were refreshing, the waiters were nice and the band was playing Reggae music. Personally, its ambiance made me felt I was in another world- like that feeling you get when you enter a planetarium.  When you’re inside Salug, the setting tells you to just relax and enjoy the moment. Lie on the floor, if you want to. In Hiligaynon, “Salug” means floor. In Salug Veranda, instead of sitting on a chair, you sit on these comfy big pillows. Their floors are covered with several pieces of “banig”- mats made of “buri” or dried palm leaves. And instead of the usual bright room, you can enjoy a candlelight dinner. It’s perfect for just about any event- may it be a romantic date for two or just the usual hangover with friends.  This cozy bar is usually full on Fridays and Saturdays especially after 9:00 pm.

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    They have bands performing every night, and if you wish to be a diva, you are free to sing in front!

    Salug Veranda  3If this is your first time in Salug, I suggest that you try their most ordered food: Buttered Chicken with rice, Special Salug Sisig, and Back ribs. You can also try my favorite Oxe Tongue with rice.

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    However, if you just want to chill out, listen to a live band and drink with your friends, you can try one of their pitcher drinks- Rasta man or Sucker Punch.  

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    A Glimpse on Salug Veranda’s Menu

    Salug Veranda is located at General Luna Street, Iloilo City. They only have one branch and that’s located at the Family Pension House building right across Iloilo Central School. They are open from Mondays to Sundays, 10:00 am to 1:00 am.

    Salug Veranda  7For reservations or inquires, you can call Family Pension House at (033) 335-0070 and look for Mr. Rommel Raquita.